EN thThe Union of Glass and Fashion Jewellery Producers (SVSB) is a national association founded in 1991 which represents the interests of the fashion jewellery industry and some segments of the glass industry in the Czech Republic. The members of the Union are leading manufacturers of glass pearls, fashion jewellery, semi-finished jewellery components, Christmas decorations, and decorative items and gifts. The members include the prominent jewellery company Granát Turnov and professional art schools, the Technical University in Liberec and the Museum of Glass and Jewellery.

Main activities of the Union

The Union defends the legitimate interests of the fashion jewellery industry in relation to state authorities, local self-government in towns and municipalities, and cooperates with them; organizes and supports business and marketing activities of its members and presents the glass and fashion jewellery industry in the Czech Republic and abroad. The key activities of the Union are:

Crystal Paradise


Crystal Paradise is a unique project of the Union of Glass and Fashion Jewellery Producers in collaboration with forty Czech manufacturers. The objective is to promote traditional Czech industry and tourism in the Crystal Valley. The Crystal Paradise Fashion Jewellery Centre offers the best of Czech fashion jewellery, beads and rocailles, Christmas decorations and glass products. It organises presentations and events.

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Fragile Beauty exhibition

The Fragile Beauty National Exhibition has been in operation since 2012 and offers visitors a chance to see many of the beautiful products made by Czech fashion jewellery and glass companies. Visitors have a unique opportunity to purchase products at favourable prices directly from manufacturers, which is why this event has developed a following of regular customers, especially from the more extravagant segment of the population. The exhibition includes a programme of family-friendly manufacturing demonstrations and workshops. The highlight of the accompanying programme is the Made in Jablonec fashion show which also includes musical performances.

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Made in Jablonec Fashion Show

Since 2011, the Union has organized and operated a unique fashion show that aims to present the work of fashion jewellery and accessory designers. Fashion designers, schools and in-house designers from fashion jewellery companies collaborate to create the designs. The result is 60 new designs each year which the Union presents at events in the Czech Republic and abroad.

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